Xian yang municipal people's congress standing committee deputy chairman Liu yongfeng inspection in Ankang HTZ

Time:2020-07-23 16:14       Author:Anonymity       CopyFrom:AnkHTZ

July 16th, Xian yang municipal  people's congress standing committee deputy chairman Liu yongfeng inspection poverty alleviation innovation platform construction and operation. Ankang municipal  people's congress standing committee deputy chairman Ma xiaofang, Ankang HTZ administrative committee investigator Zhang xianzheng accompany inspection.

Liu yongfeng  visited the comprehensive service hall, the poverty-stricken entrepreneurship and employment service center and the county experience hall, carefully listened to the introduction of Ankang poverty alleviation command, entrepreneurship incubation, employment assistance, brand building, e-commerce and other aspects of Ankang poverty alleviation space, and detail learned the construction and operation of Ankang HTZ poverty alleviation innovation platform.

Liu yongfeng to show, innovation and establishment of Ankang poverty alleviation space is an important measure for Ankang to explore and promote poverty alleviation. It has fully played the platform role of "short-term assistance in poverty alleviation and long-term economic development". In particular, big data is used to lay job-hunting and employment channels at the door of poverty-stricken households, supporting employment assistance, skill training, labor rights protection, entrepreneurship incubation and other full-scale services for the whole city At the same time, the establishment and operation of the "most Ankang" brand not only plays an important role in the integration and promotion of Ankang characteristic products, but also effectively solves the problems such as the difficulty in the sales of agricultural products of poor households and so on. Xianyang city will fully learn from the advanced experience of Ankang HTZ combine with its own reality, better serve the poor people, serve the economic and social development, and work together with Ankang HTZ to win the battle of poverty alleviation.

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