Provincial commerce department deputy director Tang Yugang investiagtion in Ankang HTZ

Time:2020-07-02 16:09       Author:Anonymity       CopyFrom:AnkHTZ

June 30th, Provincial commerce department deputy director Tang Yugang investigation import and export situation of foreign trade enterprises. Municipal commercial affairs bureau director Liu jiaqi, Ankang HTZ party committee deputy secretary Zhang zhiqun accompany.

Deputy director Tang Yugang a line of to Ankang chao meite science and technology limited company, Shaan'xi jin fukang science and technology limited company, Han xin electronic science and technology limited company, Shaan'xi xin zhuoqing science and technology limited company, shen tai biology science limited company, Shaan'xi sipu ruike handicraft manufacturing limited company, detail to know Ankang HTZ imports and exports enterprise production and operation, product development and export.

Deputy directorTang Yugang said in the investigation that Ankang HTZ attaches great importance to the development of foreign trade, constantly optimizes the business environment, improves the service quality and strengthens the service level, thus achieving fruitful results in foreign trade work. It is hoped that Ankang HTZ will continue to innovate development ideas, make full use of preferential policies for enterprises, and help enterprises successfully tide over the epidemic. It is hoped that enterprises should take the initiative to increase R & D and innovation, cultivate brands, consolidate the market, flexibly use the relevant policies of export to domestic sales, strive to maintain market share, make full use of platforms in various fields, and have the courage to open up markets, so as to make new contributions to the foreign trade development of Ankang HTZ.

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