Xun yang investigation group inspection in Ankang HTZ

Time:2020-06-30 10:23       Author:Anonymity       CopyFrom:AnkHTZ

June 23th, Xun yang government deputy county magistrate Wang haibin lead to investigation group inspection to attract investment, project bidding, investment and financing, enterprise cultivation development. Ankang HTZ Party committee member, administrative committee Qian minqiang accompany inspection.

Deputy contry magistrate Wang haibin to fu jiahe econology environment renovation project construction site, chao meite limited company, HTZ and new Ankang portal zone planning exhibition hall, fu jiahe  community, econology sport park, detail to know Ankang HTZ planning construction, industrial layout, econology environment construction, community construction, enterprise development operation and others.

At the forum, deputy contry magistrate Wang haibin after listening to Qian Minqiang's introduction of Ankang HTZ investment promotion, mechanism and system, enterprise cultivation and development, he said that this visit had a deep understanding of Ankang HTZ advanced experience in investment promotion, project bidding, investment and financing, enterprise cultivation and development, and Xunyang county will learn from the success of Ankang HTZ experience and practice have transformed the achievements of investigation and learning into concrete actions and practical results of speeding up the high-quality development of Xunyang HTZ.  We hope that in the future, we can further strengthen communication and contact with Ankang HTZ, complement each other's resources, establish a work exchange mechanism to exchange what is needed, and promote the work of the two places to achieve new results.

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