Guo kai education group president and chairman Wang lugang inspection Ankang HTZ

Time:2020-05-28 14:54       Author:Anonymity       CopyFrom:AnkHTZ

May 25th, Guo kai education group president and chairman Wang lugang inspection Ankang HTZ. Ankang HTZ party committee secretary, administrative committee director Luo wuxia, party committee member, administrative deputy director Xu xinxuan accompany.

In the fourm, director Luo wuxia briefly introduce Ankang HTZ educatiom cause development. He to show, Ankang HTZ insist the strategic plan of education giving priority to high quality development, taking "balanced development, innovation demonstration, quality improvement, and building a strong region" as the objective criteria, make high tech education brand. He hope that two sides take this visit as an opportunity, in further enhance understanding, through high quality education resource 

integration, in education resource brand, college advantages and teacher resources construction and ways actively look for cooperation, strengthen promote two sides in education resource and college advantages and other ways cooperation, together build brand education demonstration area of the whole province and even the whole country.

Chairman Wang Lugang briefly introduced the basic development and advantageous resources of Guokai education group. He said that the investment environment of Ankang HTZ is excellent, the infrastructure is complete, and the development potential of education is huge. Guokai Education Group will make full use of its own advantages and existing school running experience, focus on high-quality education resources, further strengthen the docking with Ankang high tech Zone, achieve win-win development through cooperative efforts, and add power to the development of education in Ankang HTZ.

Before the meeting, chairman Wang Lugang to Ankang HTZ and new Ankang portal zone planning exhibition hall, Ankang high tech middle school, Ankang middle school high tech campus, detail to investigation Ankang HTZ education resource layout, school construction, construction of teaching staff.

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